Spotted: PowerOffice Go

PowerOffice Go is a very popular Norwegian cloud-based system for accounting, invoice, timer registration, travel plans and payroll.

Scanshare fully supports bi-directional connection from the MFD's panel to PowerOffice Go with the specific connector.




PowerOffice Go

Take your business pace by seeing important financial events and trends in one place. You can customize the dashboard with interactive graphs and widgets so it displays information that you're keen on.

  • Interactive dashboard with key figures and drilldown
  • Many customization options
  • Full overview in one place

Increase your billing rate with Go! In PowerOffice Go, time management can be added as an integral part of the accounting service. Thus you get registered and billed every single hour!

  • Easy setup of customers and projects
  • Fast timekeeping for employees, also from mobile
  • Approved hours can be invoiced to the customer directly

Billing in Go is done quickly, easily and efficiently. Invoices can be created to groups and sent automatically. Payments are retrieved from the bank daily and are recorded automatically in the accounts.

  • Send offer, order and invoice by mail, pdf or EHF
  • Full control over appearance on invoice and purring
  • Simple and intuitive billing of subscriptions

With PowerOffice Go you get a full overview of the accounts. Payments are made directly from PowerOffice Go without the need to log in to the web bank. This saves you time and does not have to jump between different systems.

  • Electronic receipt receipt with automatic invoice interpretation
  • Paperless document flow with approval and payment of invoices
  • Automatic posting of attachments based on Big Data

With PowerOffice Go, the filling of travel bills is easy to play. Start the registration of the journey as you step out of the door at home and record expenses, receipts and driving charges on your mobile while on the way.

  • Automatic updates of regulations, rates and exchange rates
  • Travel by bill can be paid and expensed immediately
  • Seamlessly integrated with Go Salary or file integration with H & L Salary

Always easy access to your payroll system. Updates to employees and payroll payments go like a game. If you have an external accountant, this is just a chat bubble away.

  • Easy to enter and maintain employees
  • Payment and posting of salary, as well as submission of A-message, will automatically be done upon approval of salary
  • Seamlessly integrated with Timer Registration and Travel Billing

Keep track of a variety of reports, such as balance balance, sales and performance. The reports are interactive and can be tracked down to transactions, departments, projects or other dimensions.

  • Simple and intuitive reports create understanding
  • Interactive reports with data right down to the file level
  • All reports are updated in real time