April patch day

After the official release of the new v5 platform last month Scanshare is delighted to announce a new release schedule: the 3rd Tuesday of the month to cover all reported incidents and new planned v5 features.

With the new monthly release cycle version numbering is changed to reflect the faster cycle in a very easy way.

For this the new maintenance release v5.04.20 and v4.11.0420 are now available for download.

The new versions number will be now on composed by V.MM.YY:
  • 5: Platform version
  • 04: Month cycle
  • 20: Year cycle

April maintenance release brings small improvements and bug fixes, all connectors are fully available on the v5 platform plus the new Salesforce connector in addition.

Contact your local reseller to check the availability for you, the new versioning makes even easier to check if the new version is covered by your current maintenance.