Discover Scanshare v4.7


Today we are proud to introduce the new Scanshare v4.7, discover it with us.


- Over 100 bug fixes, minor features and enhancements
- Improved performance when reading barcodes
- Enhanced load balancer durability
- Numerous connector updates with extra functionality, folder filters, picklist connectors
- Upgraded barcode output module
  - Improved PDF compression
  - Faster single-sign on performance
  - New session manager which manages concurrent user logins for new features


Verification Station

- Web-based verification station
- Inline workflow module
- Users can log in and verify metadata
- Critical for when ZOCR and BCR is used
- Licensed for a number of verifying users (e.g. 3 concurrent)
- User has a chance to correct metadata and continue workflow, or cancel whole job
- Criteria for verification should be on a confidence % (from OCR) or ‘Always’


Personal Repository

- The all-new Scanshare Personal File Repository
- Designed for users to manage their own working documents
- Concurrent user model
- Low cost – unlimited document storage
- DMS-style features
- Document version control
- Controlled document sharing
- Fully encrypted file store
- High speed document indexing
- Using the same indexer as the world’s leading DMS
- Windows look and feel
- Using same style sheet as OneDrive
- Mobile friendly


Mobile Capture

- Native mobile-based capture applications
- Connect to server-based workflows
- Mobile image acquisition and meta data tagging

Please check full release notes at: and grab your Scanshare v4.7 now!